Bespoke Desserts

As well as having hundreds of delicious cakes and puddings ready for you to choose from, we also create bespoke desserts, giving you the opportunity to have your very own creation made especially for you!

All we need is your idea, it can be something very specific or just a rough guide, and then we can get to work in our development kitchen to bring it to life and create the perfect product for you.

Developing new products is something that we pride ourselves on and we have a passionate team of technologists, developers and administrators, headed up by Sophie Sidoli, who will do everything they can to make sure that the new dessert that you receive fits the brief, looks great, and tastes amazing.

Each idea will be put through numerous rounds of testing to make sure every aspect of it is as good as can be.  Recipes will be tweaked, appearances will be adjusted and flavours will be fine-tuned until we have created exactly what you had envisioned.

We maintain a close knit relationship with all of our customers, tailoring bespoke products to their needs.

If you want to see what each of our new bespoke desserts goes through in order to make it to your kitchen, why not have a read through our 35 years of NPD page.

To us, bespoke stands for so much more than just a commission:

B – Brief

E – Expectations

S – Standards

P – Price Point, Potential

O – Opportunity, Wow Factor

K – Knowledge

E – Excitement, End Product