35 Years of New Product Development in a Nutshell

At Sidoli, we are always cooking up innovative ideas and new recipes in our new product development kitchen. We want to be able to offer you new and exciting creations but not any old half baked plan will do; have a look at what it takes for our desserts to make it to you!

The ideas stage

This is where it all begins. Our development team work hard conjuring up new ideas, taking inspiration from key trends within the industry, as well as the new and exciting ingredients which are always being brought to our attention by our fantastic range of suppliers.

We then put pen to paper to sketch out possible flavour combinations and designs, all with the brief in mind.

The team will then determine which products make the cut and would be right for our customers, and work together to make any tweaks or adjustments in the early stages of planning.  Once everybody is happy, the potential product is given the green light to move on to the next stage.

The recipe and creation stage

The next step on the development journey sees our cakes go from a concept to a creation.

Our technologists get out the mixing bowls and aprons and start bringing what’s on the page to life. It’s here in our development kitchen that we can work on our recipes and designs to perfect the flavour and appearance of the new product, and think of any imaginative ways we can make our new creation even more amazing.

The perfection stage

This is our favourite part of the new product development stage; it’s time for testing!

After having all those delicious new baking scents wafting through the kitchen doors, we are all ready and willing to sample the creation.  Once we’re happy the new product meets the high standards we demand, it is packed up and waved off in our trusty van ‘2 PUD’, en route to our customers for another round of sampling.

The happy customer stage

Only when all of these rounds of testing are complete and everybody is happy, can the new creation be sent to the factory for trials and all the processes are finalised ready for the first production.

Once the orders start flying in, our brand new addition will be lovingly packaged like all of our products and despatched to our customers, who can be safe in the knowledge that the dessert the receive looks great and tastes divine!