Chocolate Galore

  • Gluten Free Chocolate Brownie Traybake

    Devilishly chocolatey and gooey, this brownie traybake is irresistible and available for everyone as it’s gluten free!

  • Gluten Free Chocolate Riot

    A chocoholic fix. Layers of chocolate biscuit, chocolate fudge, rich chocolate mousse and chocolate sponge layers coated with chocolate fudge sauce, and a halo of chocolate fudge icing. Sprinkled with chocolate fudge pieces.

  • Mega Fabulous Fudge Cake (3 Layer UK)

    Three layers of mega moist chocolate sponge, filled and topped with fabulous fudge. A mouth watering chocolate challenge!

  • Red Rock Velvet Brownie Square

    A marbled rich chocolate brownie and red velvet cake smothered in West Country cream cheese frosting studded with chocolate brownie cubes. Hand sprinkled with mini marshmallows and a light feathering of chocolate sauce.

  • Snikka Stack Tray

    A gooey peanut flavour caramel filled white chocolate cookie topped high with layers of peanut flavour chocolate fudge, gooey chocolate brownie, peanut flavour icing flooded in sticky millionaire’s caramel sauce, hand sprinkled with nibbed roast hazelnuts and golden sugar nibs.

  • Swirly Salted Caramel Brownie

    This is not just a brownie… this is a hand swirled sticky salted caramel brownie, made using only the finest ingredients and to a very traditional recipe.

  • Tart Au Chocolate

    A buttery pastry case filled with a smooth, rich chocolate truffle. Hand finsihed with a light dusting of icing sugar.

  • The Ultimate Fudge Cake

    Chocolate sponge filled with a layer of rich and indulgent chocolate fudge and and completely covered in chocolate ganache.

  • Tiramisu Torrino Square

    A traditional Italian dessert; a rich aroma filled coffee soaked sponge, piled high with layers of mascarpone syllabub and hand dipped sponge fingers, perfectly finished with a flurry of cocoa.

  • Toffee Flavour Lumpy Bumpy

    Our famous Lumpy Bumpy! Toffee flavour sponge, layered with a rich toffee flavour mousse & lumpy bumpy creamy cheesecake. Smothered with a caramel coloured chocolate ganache and topped with chocolate chunks and caramel pieces and then feathered with chocolate fudge.

  • Toffee’ Banoffi Pie

    A classic Banoffi Pie with caramelised condensed milk, crunchy digestive biscuit, bananas and fresh double whipped cream.

  • Triple Chocolate Sparkle Cake

    Layers of chocolatey goodness; dark chocolate, milk and white chocolate cake, with a dark chocolate and vanilla frosting.