Ice Cream Cakes

  • Chocolate Cookie Bash Ice Cream Cake

    A fudgie chewy brownie base with rich dark chocolate mousse topped with creamy clotted cream flavour dairy ice cream finished with real chocolate chunks and bourbon biscuit crumble

  • Lightly Lemony Ice Cream Gateau

    A luxury lemon sherbert sitting on a crunch digestive biscuit base, topped with clotted cream ice cream, sprinkled with a crunchy demerara crumble and broken meringue pieces, drizzled with lemon curd.

  • Raspberry & White Chocolate Ice Cream Cake

    Smothered with clotted cream flavour ice cream, raspberry glaze and a fruity raspberry sherbet. It is then topped with crunchy meringue pieces, raspberry crumb, white chocolate chunks and a feathering of raspberry glaze.