• Bakewell Tart Slice

    Smothered in fruity raspberry jam, baked with an almond sponge heavily laden with ground almonds and almond oil to keep it really moist. Finished with a smooth fondant icing and a chocolate drizzle.

  • Bakewell Triangle

    Shortcrust pastry smothered in fruity raspberry jam, topped with a moist almond flavoured sponge and flaked almonds, finished with a white icing drizzle.

  • Banana & Toffee Loaf Cake

    Made with banana puree and a toffee flavour, with thick toffee fudge ripples and piled high with walnut halves.

  • Carrot Traycake

    Packed full of fresh grated carrots, pineapple and coconut, plied high with our fabulous American style sweet frosting and a few handfuls of chopped walnuts.

  • Chocolate Chip Traycake

    A sticky gooey chocolate cake experience in a square! Packed with chocolate chips covered with a dark and sticky chocolate top and then a generous covering of white and milk chocolate shavings.

  • Chocolate Orange Marble Loaf Cake

    A chocolate and orange marbled loaf cake smothered in rich chocolate icing, finished with a sprinkling of golden chocolate nibs and lashings of orange chocolate.

  • Coconut & Raspberry Jam Shortcake (Triangle)

    A buttery shortbread base layered with a sweet raspberry jam filling finished with a crunchy coconut topping.

  • Espresso Martini Tiramisu

    A moist sponge base soaked with a coffee and vodka syrup topped with a layer of zabaglione flavoured mousse, coffee & vodka syrup-soaked sponge fingers, and finished with zabaglione flavoured mousse and a heavy dusting of cocoa powder.

  • GF & Vegan Billionaires Bar

    A truly artisan and indulgent combination, layering double chocolate chip cookie, sticky creamy vegan toffee and decadent vegan chocolate ganache. Finished with vegan chocolate chips and gold dust.

  • GF Chocolate Off the Orange Block

    A chocolate chip cookie base with a layer of mousse swirled with orange curd, topped with a chocolate flavour glaze and splashed with white chocolate orange and gold drizzle

  • Ginger & Lemon Crumble Slice

    A rich dark ginger cake made with stem ginger, smothered in lemon buttercream, topped with crumbled ginger nut biscuits.

  • Gluten Free Chocolate Brownie (Triangle)

    A rich, gooey Gluten Free Brownie, infused with rich dark chocolate and milk chocolate pieces, topped with more dark chocolate chunks then delicately baked.