Gluten Free

  • GF Strawberry Swirl Cheesecake

    A crunchy demerara gluten free biscuit base, topped with thick creamy baked American style cheesecake swirled with a thick real fruit Strawberry puree.

  • GF Syrup Sponge Pudding

    A firm family favourite! Lashings of golden syrup cascading over a melt in the mouth light and fluffy traditional gluten free syrup sponge pudding, all of this temptation and it’s also gluten free….!

  • GF Triple Chocolate Cheesecake

    A double chocolate chip cookie topped with a white chocolate chip cheesecake and topped with rich dark chocolate mousse. Piled high with chocolate chip brownie cubes and milk chocolate pieces and a scattering of shimmering golden nuggets.

  • GF Ultimate Sticky Toffee Pudding

    Sticky toffee heaven awaits you in this fabulous dessert, a rich toffee flavoured steamed pudding heaped with sticky toffee sauce. Served with whipped cream or an extra special treat clotted cream with a dusting of icing sugar for that professional touch

  • Gluten Free Alabama Fudge Cake

    A fabulous Gluten Free chocolate sponge, filled, topped and side coated with a rich mouth-watering chocolate fudge.

  • Gluten Free Beetroot Chocolate Fudge Cake (GF)

    Gluten free chocolate beetroot flavour cake, filled and topped with beetroot chocolate fudge icing and decorated with a sprinkling of delicate rose petals

  • Gluten Free Carrot Cake

    Moist gluten free carrot cake, filled and topped with sweet frosting and decorated with a sprinkling of hazelnut pieces

  • Gluten Free Chocolate Brownie (Triangle)

    A rich, gooey Gluten Free Brownie, infused with rich dark chocolate and milk chocolate pieces, topped with more dark chocolate chunks then delicately baked.

  • Gluten Free Chocolate Brownie Traybake

    Devilishly chocolatey and gooey, this brownie traybake is irresistible and available for everyone as it’s gluten free!

  • Gluten Free Chocolate Riot

    A chocoholic fix. Layers of chocolate biscuit, chocolate fudge, rich chocolate mousse and chocolate sponge layers coated with chocolate fudge sauce, and a halo of chocolate fudge icing. Sprinkled with chocolate fudge pieces.

  • Gluten Free Courgette & Avacado Cake

    Courgette and avocado flavour cake, filled and topped with sweet avocado flavour frosting and decorated with a sprinkling of pistachio nuts and cornflower petals.

  • Gluten Free Mint Chocolate Chip Cake (GF)

    Rich chocolate cake sandwiched together and encased in green mint flavour icing, finished with rosettes, a sprinkling of crumbed milk chocolate, chocolate sauce and mint chocolate sticks.