JB Foods Big Flavour Show – 25th September

On Tuesday, Sidoli attended JB Foods Big Flavour Show in Edinburgh, Scotland. We had a selection of dessert and cake samples for customers to try.

The cakes that were enjoyed the most were the Mint Chocolate Cake and the Pineapple Cake. Our mint chocolate cake consists of two layers of rich chocolate cake sandwiched together and encased in green mint flavouring, finished with rosettes, a sprinkling of crumbed milk chocolate, sticky chocolate sauce and chocolate flavour mint chocolate sticks.

Our Pineapple Cake consists of layers of baked pineapple flavoured sponge topped with sweet pineapple rings, filled with pineapple flavour buttercream. The cake is sidecoated with pineapple flavour buttercream and chopped pumpkin seeds and finished with cherry pieces and a sweet glaze.

It was a thoroughly enjoyable day and we are looking forward to seeing you at our next exhibition 🙂