Environmental Facts

All our food waste goes to animal feed

We treat our waste water

We recycle all our cardboard, tins and foil

We re-use some of our generated heat to heat water

80% of our lighting is LED (soon to be 100%!)

We are a registered member of the approved packaging compliances scheme regulations 2007

We have invested…

We have invested in a Dissolved Air Flotation plant (DAF) in order to remove suspended food solids from our wastewater outflows. This removes fats, oils, grease and organic matter from our outlet water stream, reducing the total solids going back into the water system. The end result product is a high calorie sludge!

We are currently looking to use this ‘sludge’ as a feed for Anaerobic Digestion to create energy, thus creating an added value from what has previously been disposed waste. This means we will be able to reduce our solid waste flow to the water treatment plant, improve the purity of the water outlet and in turn create some energy.

Supply Chain

We are RSPO supply chain certified member and are audited against this standard annually.